Colorful Gullies in an Unnamed Crater Southeast of Uzboi Valles

Numerous gullies have eroded into the northeastern wall of this 15 kilometer (approximately 9 miles) diameter unnamed crater located in the Southern highlands southeast of Uzboi Valles.

Although not as apparent in the “grayscale” version (Red), the “color” version (IRB ) of the crater walls reveals a variety of geological features . Thin light-toned layers are visible in the topmost part of the crater wall and more colorful fan deposits intermingle with dunes on the crater floor suggesting that these most distal fan units are fine-grained sediments and are easily transported into the dune region by local winds.

Written by: Ginny Gulick   (22 June 2011)

This is a stereo pair with ESP_022895_1475 .

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Image: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona