Fractures in Cerberus Fossae

This image shows an example of “en echelon” fractures in the Cerberus Fossae region. The fractures formed tectonically, by movement of Mars’ crust. En echelon means that the fractures are laterally displaced from each other in a way consistent with the lateral displacement of other fractures in the same area.

The colors in this enhanced color image result from differences in composition of the materials and do not represent how it would appear to the human eye. Note that one can make out boulders and small dunes at the bottom of these fractures and layering within the walls. Just visible at the top of the image is well-preserved impact crater ejecta. The image is 1.2 kilometer across.Written by: Kate Fishbaugh   (22 October 2008)

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Image: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona