Slope Streak Stripes on Crater Walls

Radially-oriented slope streaks paint stripes on the sides of this crater in Arabia Terra. Slope streaks are common features on steep slopes in Mars’ dusty terrain, but this crater is a particularly dramatic example.

Slope streaks, thought to be the result of shallow cascades of dust, are dark when fresh and fade as they age ( see this highly stretched subimage that emphasizes the color difference between streaks). So it is clear that this crater experienced repeated episodes of streak formation, apparently around its entire circumference .

Other steep slopes nearby also show evidence of repeated slope streak activity – see ESP_024924_1945 , PSP_009272_1955 , and PSP_008705_1950 – but none are quite as photogenic as this one!

Written by: Nicole Baugh   (7 March 2012)

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Image: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona